Spirit of Light Counseling

For the Truth, Gia has the gifts you need for compassion, understanding, and positive growth.

Gia is an experienced Spirit of Light Counselor helping others since 2001 with God-given gifts to see, sense and feel with all clarity and accuracy. She sees what is hidden. She provides clarity sessions, as well as spiritual counseling full of positive and energizing Light.

Gia is also a gifted in accurately making diagnoses of what the medical professionals may be missing or (misdiagnosing).

Gia’s services do not replace any medical professional’s treatments or medications. She is not a licensed physician.
••••• Please follow your medical practitioner’s treatments and instructions completely.

Gia gives advice based on what she senses and feels as an LightWorker.

Scheduling a session with Gia Intuitive is safe and easy:
$80 per 30 mins. (Donation)

Seven-Rays of Light Ministry has been devoted to helping others and facilitating spiritual growth since 2001.

Donations help me continue to help others.

For general information regarding sessions, please feel free to contact Gia-Intuitive at:
[email protected]
[email protected]


________No one is immune from reaping what we sow. Our actions have consequences and there will be a balancing of the scales always. We should never rejoice in someone else’s downfall.
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When people share the same energy, the same presence -because they share similar behavior traits, they will not contradict anyone who behaves as they do. To do so would be criticizing themselves. And they don’t want to look at themselves.

  • Seek The Light and be Filled!

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